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"Tau nggak, untuk merayakan ulang tahun lo gue melakukan beberapa hal hari ini. Satu, bikinin gambar buat lo. Dua, bacain ulang blog kita yang dulu kita bikin bareng itu.." 

"Omaigat mana mungkin lah gue lupa ini hari apa.." 

- Akar si temen kriminil SMA pembasmi kejahatan fenomena ibukota.

Gila lo bu, yang ulangtaun siapa, yang ngerayain siapa. Lo bener-bener temen yang baik, selalu ada walaupun nggak ada. Terima kasih sudah membuat hari ini lebih.. lebih.



Among all the sisters Anastasia was the closest to Alexei both in age and character. Thile the elder children often acted in a place of care-takers, Anastasia was a friend and a playmate. The two children were full of mischief and so lively one could never guess they both suffered from health problems. For Alexei it was hemophilia, which prevented him from enjoying many activities children his age took delight in, Anastasia in her turn suffere of “weak back” as well as painful bunions. While Anastasia enjoyed teasing her little brother at play, the two loved each other deeply.

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August 12, 1904 – Birth of Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolaevich

A great never-to-be forgotten day when the mercy of God has visited us so clearly. Alix gave birth to a son at one o’clock. The child has been called Alexis.’

The long-awaited boy arrived suddenly. At noon on a hot summer day, the Tsar and his wife sat down to lunch at Peterhof. The Empress had just managed to finish her soup, when she was forced to excuse herself and hurry to her room. Less than an hour later, the boy, weighing eight pounds, was born.  As the seluting cannon at Peterhof began to boom, other guns sounded at Kronstadt. Twenty miles away, in the heart of St. Petersburg, the batteries of the Fortress of Peter and Paul began to thunder - this time the salute was three hundred guns. Across Russia, cannons roared, churchbells changed and flags waved. Alexis, named after Tsar Alexis, Nicholas’s favorite, was the first male heir born to a reigning Russian tsar since the seventeenth century. It seemed an omen of hope.    Nicholas & Alexandra

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